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Liberon Foam Applicator

Liberon Foam Applicator
Plastic handle foam brushes for applying water based dyes and varnishes.
Eliminates brush lines. Long lasting.
Price : From 1.90 ex VAT, 2.28 inc VAT

Liberon Furniture Buffing Brush

Liberon Furniture Buffing Brush
Quality bristle wax buffing brush, with handle.
Shaped bristle profile for difficult to reach areas.
Price : 15.95 ex VAT, 19.14 inc VAT

Bridled Glue Brush

Bridled Glue Brush
Bristle brush for application of hot or cold glues, particularly PVA and pearl glues.

Seamless metal ferrule with solid beech handles. Dense bristles are bound with a wired bridle for added strength.
Price : From 2.15 ex VAT, 2.58 inc VAT

Bristle Pencil Brush

Bristle Pencil Brush
Soft hair mix general artists brush.

Cherry polished wodden handle, metal ferrule bound.
Price : From 0.58 ex VAT, 0.70 inc VAT

Pure Sable Pencil Brush

Pure Sable Pencil Brush
Excellent quality pure sable hair artists pencil brushes for fine detailing, touching in etc.

Black polished wooden handle, ferrule bound.

Each brush comes with a protective plastic cap.
Price : From 1.94 ex VAT, 2.33 inc VAT

Soft Hair Polishing Mop

Soft Hair Polishing Mop
A blend of natural bear and badger hairs. Used extensively for applying French polish. Very soft and bouncy to eliminate brush stroke marks, with a dense hair mass for a nice constant flow of material.
Price : From 11.60 ex VAT, 13.92 inc VAT

Flat Ox Hair Lacquer Brush

Flat Ox Hair Lacquer Brush
Pure ox hair flat brush for applying lacquers, varnishes, French polish etc.
Very soft bristles ensure no brush stroke marks.
Metal solvent resistant binding.
Price : From 8.95 ex VAT, 10.74 inc VAT

Quality Bristle Paint Brush

Quality Bristle Paint Brush
Good quality bristle brush for general application of paint, varnish, oil finishes, stains etc.

Polished wooden handle.

Minimal hair loss.
Price : From 1.40 ex VAT, 1.68 inc VAT

Hogs Hair Fitch

Hogs Hair Fitch
Traditional artists flat and round fitches, made from quality hogs hair, bound in a metal furrule.
Price : From 1.53 ex VAT, 1.84 inc VAT

Pine Drill Buffing Brush Round

Pine Drill Buffing Brush Round
Fits directly into a drill for easy quick wax buffing.

Durable bristles with laminated wooden stock.
Long lasting - saves hours of work.
Price : 16.50 ex VAT, 19.80 inc VAT

Bronze Wire Liming Brush

Bronze Wire Liming Brush
Soft bronze wire brush.
Can be used for opening the grain up prior to applying liming wax, or for paint or varnish stripping.
Price : 9.99 ex VAT, 11.99 inc VAT
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