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Liberon Dutch Metal Leaf

Liberon Dutch Metal Leaf
Liberon Dutch Metal Leaf is a popular substitute to actual gold leaf. Applied using the same techniques, this will give virtually the same effect as real gold.
Price : 7.91 ex VAT, 9.49 inc VAT

Liberon Gilt Cream

Liberon Gilt Cream
Liberon Gilt Cream is a soft retouch wax in various shades of gold, silver and bronze used for retouching damaged gilding, or for re-gilding new surfaces.
Price : 8.05 ex VAT, 9.66 inc VAT

Liberon Gilt Varnish - 30ml

Liberon Gilt Varnish - 30ml
Liberon Gilt Varnish is a liquid metallic varnish in various gold/metal colours. Used to gild new surfaces. Particularly suitable for fine detailing.
Price : 6.99 ex VAT, 8.39 inc VAT

Liberon Gilt Filler Stick

Liberon Gilt Filler Stick
Wax filler sticks in various gold shades. Used for filling minor holes, cracks and missing frame parts. Softens without the need for artificial heat.
Price : 4.75 ex VAT, 5.70 inc VAT

Liberon Fontenay Base Red

Liberon Fontenay Base Red
For sealing and priming surfaces prior to gilding.
Provides an undertone for the gold colours.
Ideal for creating a distressed look on picture frames.
Price : 6.95 ex VAT, 8.34 inc VAT
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