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 Back in 1894, the 26-year old Wilhelm Edner opened a small grocery shop in Malmö where he sold coffee. The business went well and during the 1910s floor wax came into the picture , a completely new product to the Swedish market.
Within five years, floor polish, mop oil, dry floor cleaner, waxing equipment and other floor care products had been added to the range. And 80 years later Bonakemi have developed into an international world leading company producing and selling a total solution for wooden floor treatment.
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Bona Mega Wood Floor Lacquer

Bona Mega Wood Floor Lacquer

Bona Mega is a single pack, waterbourne, 100% polyurethane, oxygen crosslinking wooden floor lacquer. It uses self-crosslinking technology to produce a durable film suitable for protecting wooden floors .
Suitable for commercial and domestic areas subject to heavy wear.
Price : From £74.95 ex VAT, £ 89.94 inc VAT

Bona Prime Classic

Bona Prime Classic
A one component waterbourne acrylate primer for use on wooden floors prior to overcoating with any Bonakemi waterbourne surface finish.
Price : £48.50 ex VAT, £ 58.20 inc VAT

Bona Mix and Fill

Bona Mix and Fill
A water based joint filler designed to be mixed with sanding dust to provide a filler for joints up to 2mm wide, and other minor defects.

Not suitable for use with Merbau or Rodesian Teak.
Price : £35.50 ex VAT, £ 42.60 inc VAT

Bona Freshen Up

Bona Freshen Up
A ready to use product designed for the maintainance of wooden floors already coated with lacquer.
It revives a scratched and dull surface giving a newly finished look and continuing protection against wear.
Price : £38.50 ex VAT, £ 46.20 inc VAT

Bona Parkett Floor Cleaner

Bona Parkett Floor Cleaner
A neutral detergent, ph 6-8, designed specifically for use on sealed wooden floors and melamine laminate floors.
Will clean the surface without removing the polish.
Price : £25.95 ex VAT, £ 31.14 inc VAT

Bona Gap Master - 310ml

Bona Gap Master - 310ml
Mastic type silicone free gap and joint filler for use on wooden floors.
Designed for filling gaps around skirting boards, parquet blocks and for minor repairs.
Price : £6.15 ex VAT, £7.38 inc VAT

Bona Hard Waxoil

Bona Hard Waxoil

Bona Hard Wax Oil is a balanced blend of natural oils and waxes for surface treating untreated wooden floors and other interior woodwork. Hardwax Oil both impregnates the wood and creates a durable superficial film with excellent resistance to water and
Price : From £23.95 ex VAT, £ 28.74 inc VAT
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