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Bona Mega Wood Floor Lacquer

Bona Mega Wood Floor Lacquer

Bona Mega is a single pack, waterbourne, 100% polyurethane, oxygen crosslinking wooden floor lacquer. It uses self-crosslinking technology to produce a durable film suitable for protecting wooden floors .
Suitable for commercial and domestic areas subject to heavy wear.
Price : From 69.95 ex VAT, 83.94 inc VAT

Briwax Original Wax Polish

Briwax Original Wax Polish
Originally formulated by Henry Flack, Briwax is a long established finishing wax traditionally used by the pine trade.
A soft fast drying wax it is ideal for quick turn around work.
Available in various shades it will stain and finish in one application, although more than one coat may be needed on bare timber to achieve a glossier finish.
Price : From 8.35 ex VAT, 10.02 inc VAT

Steel Wool 12 x 100 grams

Steel Wool 12 x 100 grams
Liberons wire wool is the finest on the market. Consistant quality over the years make this a very reliable product.

Bulk purchase, 12 x 100 gram bundles.
Price : 27.00 ex VAT, 32.40 inc VAT

Liberon Finishing Oil 4 x 5 litres

Liberon Finishing Oil 4 x 5 litres
A unique blend of oils and resins that can be used on a wide variety of projects where a degree of heat and water resistance is required.
Bulk purchase deal.
Price : 155.80 ex VAT, 186.96 inc VAT

Masking Tape Bulk Buy

Masking Tape Bulk Buy
Quality medium tack paper masking tape in 50 metre rolls.

Bulk purchase, case(36) rolls.
Price : 36.00 ex VAT, 43.20 inc VAT

Liberon Wax Filler Sticks 50 gram - box(16)

Liberon Wax Filler Sticks 50 gram - box(16)
Used for filling minor scratches, nail holes, small cracks etc.
Can be softened and moulded in by hand for hole filling, or rubbed in for scratches.
Price : 56.00 ex VAT, 67.20 inc VAT

PVA Adhesive WA40 4 x 5 litres

PVA Adhesive WA40 4 x 5 litres
Fast setting water resistant PVA joinery adhesive.

Meets load and stability requirements of BS 4071.
Price : 60.00 ex VAT, 72.00 inc VAT
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