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Morrells Light Fast Wood Stain Dark Wenge 110/1996B

Morrells Light Fast Stains are a range of fast drying alcohol-based stains suitable for hand, spray or dip application. The standard range consists of popular primary colours and a selection of the most widely used wood colours.
Formulated to provide excellent definition and depth of colour. This range is also suitable for tinting Morrells Precatalyst and Acid Catalyst lacquers up to a maximum of 5% by volume (acid catalysed lacquers should be catalysed prior to tinting).

  • Fast drying for quick turnaround work
  • Easy application by cloth, brush or spray
  • Wide range of colours
  • Use to tint lacquers
  • Coverage : 8 to 10 m per litre depending on application.
  • Drying Time : 10 minutes approx

Use a soft, white, lint-free cloth. Avoid using coloured or printed rags as the dyes used in printing can bleed into the stain and cause discolouration. Apply the stain wet to the whole surface to avoid uneven penetration and then remove excess with a clean cloth. For larger surfaces it may be appropriate to apply the stain in sections. Always work along the grain when cleaning off, and leave a minimum of 10 minutes to dry before application of finishing coats.

Spray apply an even wet coat and remove excess with a soft, white, lint-free cloth. When dry spraying ensure an even coat is applied and that the gun strokes follow the grain of the timber. Dry spraying needs a certain skill level, and if undertaken incorrectly can lead to patchiness and "striping". The wiping-off process can enhance the evenness of the colour and highlight the grain definition and the natural figuring of the substrate. Thinning with 50% Methylated Spirit can assist in controlling the spray staining operation, but may change the tone or strength of shade.
Dip Application: Plunge or controlled dip can be undertaken and it is advisable to wipe excess stain off with a clean, white, lint-free cloth to achieve an even degree of staining. These stains should not be used under brush-applied lacquers : lifting or dragging of the stain can occur.

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Morrells Light Fast Wood Stain Dark Wenge
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