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Methylated Spirit

Methylated Spirit

Denatured alcohol blend for general workshop use.
Used for diluting French polish, washing off paint stripper etc.
*Bulk buy discount available
Price : From 3.49 ex VAT, 4.19 inc VAT

Bona Mega Wood Floor Lacquer

Bona Mega Wood Floor Lacquer

Bonakemi Mega is a single pack, waterbourne, 100% polyurethane, oxygen crosslinking wooden floor lacquer.
Suitable for commercial and domestic areas subject to heavy wear.
Price : From 57.00 ex VAT, 68.40 inc VAT

Briwax Original Wax Polish

Briwax Original Wax Polish
Originally formulated by Henry Flack, Briwax is a long established finishing wax traditionally used by the pine trade.
A soft fast drying wax it is ideal for quick turn around work.
Price : From 6.95 ex VAT, 8.34 inc VAT

Fiddes Supreme Wax 12 x 400 grams

Fiddes Supreme Wax 12 x 400 grams
Fiddes Supreme Wax 400g in bulk buy case deal.
Price : 75.00 ex VAT, 90.00 inc VAT

Steel Wool 12 x 100 grams

Steel Wool 12 x 100 grams
Liberons wire wool is the finest on the market. Consistant quality over the years make this a very reliable product.

Bulk purchase, 12 x 100 gram bundles.
Price : 21.60 ex VAT, 25.92 inc VAT

Liberon Finishing Oil 4 x 5 litres

Liberon Finishing Oil 4 x 5 litres
A unique blend of oils and resins that can be used on a wide variety of projects where a degree of heat and water resistance is required.
Bulk purchase deal.
Price : 115.80 ex VAT, 138.96 inc VAT

Masking Tape Bulk Buy

Masking Tape Bulk Buy
Quality medium tack paper masking tape in 50 metre rolls.

Bulk purchase, case(36) rolls.
Price : 28.80 ex VAT, 34.56 inc VAT

Liberon Wax Filler Sticks 50 gram - box(16)

Liberon Wax Filler Sticks 50 gram - box(16)
Used for filling minor scratches, nail holes, small cracks etc.
Can be softened and moulded in by hand for hole filling, or rubbed in for scratches.
Price : 47.84 ex VAT, 57.41 inc VAT

PVA Adhesive WA40 4 x 5 litres

PVA Adhesive WA40 4 x 5 litres
Fast setting water resistant PVA joinery adhesive.

Meets load and stability requirements of BS 4071.
Price : 60.00 ex VAT, 72.00 inc VAT
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